a) Business activity

The Trading Segment includes the following Companies/entities: Bearings companies (FŁT Polska Sp. z o.o., FLT Bearings Ltd., FLT France SAS), Trading Division (Impexmetal S.A.), FLT Metals Ltd. and Metalexfrance.

In terms of bearings, through FŁT Polska and its foreign subsidiaries, the Impexmetal Group is an important supplier to world-famous manufacturers of cars and agricultural machinery.

Other entities are mainly engaged in non-ferrous metals trade.

b) Competition

Competitors for the bearings are mainly distributors of Swedish bearings (SKF), Asian bearings and from European countries in Central - Eastern Europe.

Competitors in terms of trading non-ferrous metals are mainly well-known large international trading companies, manufacturers of metals, and local trading companies.

c) Raw materials and sources of supply

Bearings are purchased mainly on the domestic market and the Chinese market. Non-ferrous metals are bought mainly on the European market and the domestic market.

d) Key parameters for the Segment"

  • Situation in the automotive industry, the main customer for the segment,
  • Relations with FŁT Kraśnik, which is the main supplier of one of the core companies in the Trading Segment