Development prospects

The goal adopted by the Impexmetal Group is strengthening its high market position in the sector of non-ferrous metals through a systematic increase in sales.

The goal adopted by the Impexmetal Group is strengthening its high market position in the sector of non-ferrous metals through a systematic increase in sales, expanding the product range and changing the sales structure in the direction of growth of the share of products with higher margins. The result should be an increase in assets and profitability of companies and thus increase of goodwill for their shareholders over the long term.

Short-term development actions and plans are focused on completing the investments taking place in the Group companies and maximising their effects, as well as the continuation of the processes of organisational and asset restructuring in connection with the dynamically changing market conditions. 

Currently, Huta Aluminium Konin (Impexmetal S.A.) is implementing a development project with a total value of about PLN 40 million, related to the extension of production capacity for rolled products with the highest margin. Estimated project completion date is the second quarter of 2014.

In the case of WM "Dziedzice" S.A. actions taken are focused on the reduction of material costs and fixed costs of producing goods, as well as on providing stable conditions for the supply of raw materials. The objective of the Board's policy is to provide and maintain positive profitability at both the operating level and in net results, by:

  • Improving the quality of products
  • Improving yields
  • Reducing the cost of raw materials 

Hutmen S.A. takes decisive action to achieve a sustainable return on sales. This is accomplished through the following activities: 

  • Development of the manufacture of copper and niche products;
  • Reduction in processing costs and general and administrative expenses;
  • Increase of the material yield,
  • Sale of unnecessary non-productive assets in Hutmen Group companies,
  • Rental and leasing of unnecessary production and office area, including actions to change zoning for the Hutmen S.A. areas for the implementation of commercial and residential infrastructure. 

Baterpol S.A. plans to introduce operational and organisational changes in relation to 2013, including

  • Further increase in of the share in the battery scrap market,
  • Intensifying supplier acquisition for other lead-bearing materials and battery scrap outside the country;
  • Further adaptation to the existing laws in order to reduce the risks of continuation of operations,
  • Improving the process of production of alloys expected by customers.

The strategic objective for ZM Silesia S.A. in 2014 is:

In the case of the Silesia Branch:

  • Work on starting to produce a new colour of zinc-titanium patinated sheet,
  • Increasing sales of new ranges of wire using newly purchased equipment,
  • Work on improving the quality of manufactured products,
  • Increasing the volume and the profit weight on the sale of goods and materials (gutter system, zinc Z1),
  • Optimisation activities in regard to operating costs.

In the case of the Huta Oława Branch, the objectives for 2014 include:

  • Increase of the utilisation of production capacity - lead oxides,
  • Development of the sales of granular zinc oxide,
  • Optimisation of manufacturing costs of zinc white by reducing gas consumption,
  • Automation and optimisation of the lead oxide roasting process aimed at lowering unit production costs and increasing production capacity,
  • Optimisation activities for the production of cadmium oxides,
  • Investment to purchase a new furnace for the production of zinc white using waste zinc with a capacity of 9000 t year using EU or national funding.