Research and development

In 2013, manufacture was started of new aluminium alloys for the manufacture of components of car heat exchangers for the automotive industry.


In 2013, manufacture was started of new aluminium alloys for the manufacture of components of car heat exchangers for the automotive industry. These alloys have been developed ias part of the project completed in 2012 "Development of technology for the manufacture of aluminium alloy strips with special properties", which was implemented as part of a research and industrial consortium: Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals, Light Metals Division in Skawina and Impexmetal S.A. – Huta Aluminium Konin. Tasks performed under this project were funded by the National Centre for Research and Development as part of the Initech project. In 2013, new alloys were sent for approval to new customers who tested their use for the manufacture of different components of heat exchangers. The new alloys, as compared with those offered so far, have better corrosion resistance, higher strength properties and higher temperature resistance. Alloys were positively rated by customers in the automotive industry and are now gradually replacing the previously offered alloys.

In addition, as part of internal R&D works, technology for the manufacture of selected products for the automotive, electrotechnical and packaging industry was improved.

WM Dziedzice S.A.

In 2013, the Company conducted the following development works:

  • Extending the product range - new products in the form of six new sections MA56, three made in grades CW614N and CW617N,
  • Work was conducted on changing the shape of tools for rods in the shape of a square and a hexagon.
  • Work was carried out on the implementation of new shapes of profile pipes with 4k cross-section and 4k opening, rectangular pipes with a rectangular opening and pipes with a profiled oval cross-section with an oval in the middle.
  • Tests using new alloy grades and new shapes, tests have been made using new alloy grades CW709R, CW626N and CW511L Products in these grades have been introduced to the offer.

In 2014, works will be continued associated with the expansion of the product assortment through tests using new alloy grades in relation to market demand for products made of alloys with low content of lead and copper alloy which are an alternative to traditional leaded brass, and further work on the new sections and profiled pipes.


Research conducted in 2013 was primarily related to the quality requirements of Enersys and was based primarily on searching for the relationship of the material used, i.e. lead, on the parameters of the process of obtaining raw litharge in the new Burton furnace, as well as determining the optimal litharge roasting process, in order to obtain the optimal bulk density of lead oxide for the customer. At the same time, tests were conducted on partial decomposition of lead oxide (i.e. grain size distribution curve) using the grain size meter purchased for this purpose, a parameter required by potential customers.